We create and deliver brand building experiences for our clients to assist in the launch of new or existing brand marketing campaigns specialising in strategy, creativity and digital marketing and technological initiatives.


We’re inspired to create unique and bold ideas so enthusiastic that they uplift your brand and motivate your audiences.


An experience creates a memory, a lasting impression, that has a long term impact on the way your clients or customers feel towards your brand.


We work with ambitious brands to scale the engaging, often immersive, experiences through the use of technology and digital marketing channels.


Through the use of data and reporting we are able to analyse measurable metrics based on the performance of your campaign.




We understand that visual means are the first touch point your audience see’s when it comes to your brand. Whether that is a logo, flyer or social media page or advertisement. Our branding and strategy team collaborate with our clients to ensure we knuckle down on your brands narrative and deliver a seamless representation of your offerings. We will gather a competitor analysis and coordinate market research to craft a comprehensive strategy to back your business in being on-top.


In a fast-paced world, we understand the notion of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. Which is why we thrive to create printed content that will stop a potential customer on their morning stroll or slowing the car down on the school run just to grab a glimpse of your ad. We are proficient in printing collateral of all forms, whether it be business cards, promotional merchandise, packaging, billboards, brochures or better yet ,your custom shopping bags. These print mediums are all created with key brand objectives and consumer needs front of mind.


The best way to make a good first impression with your consumers is based on presenting a strong visual medium. I mean, you wouldn’t rock up to your first date with the guy or girl of your dreams dressed in socks and thongs, would you? (Red Flags). We create fun, punchy, memorable and to the point content that exudes confidence. Our team of highly skilled photographers are key in creating unique content that stands out from the pack, leaving your consumers ready to convert and full of butterflies. Second date worthy in our opinion.


Light, Camera, Action! The future of marketing is in creative content and video. A visual appeal is a great way to make a strong first impression with your customers. Our team of creative thinkers and doers are able to produce and direct your photo and video campaigns to engage with your audience across a variety of channels. We crop each asset for the social platforms relevant to your business whilst also utilising these assets for print ads, brochures and digital campaigns.


The key to delivering a brand’s message is the art of storytelling. We believe in evoking emotions through our words – whether that be an online article, social media caption, newsletter or a company brochure. It’s important that wording is authentic to your brand’s narrative and remains relevant and engaging to your audience. This could be the difference between a customer reading or running. Our team of expert storytellers will deliver wording to help guide your customers through their final click.


Social Media channels are the most optimised way to showcase your brand in its entirety. Our social packages ensure that your customers engage with your brand’s story and will make the journey to a conversion. Our team are highly skilled in creating all your social content including copywriting, photography, videos, reels and hashtags presented to you in an easy-to-follow content planner. We are also able to manage your reporting and metrics and jump into action if optimisations are necessary.


With our in house digital marketing specialists, BALLOONANIMAL delivers results driven and effective digital marketing campaigns to assist in generating sales, leads, site traffic or awareness or your new product or campaign. With our use of creative and advanced funnel strategies we are able to optimise your campaign to gain best performance metrics.


Our in-house graphic design team are able to assist you in creating visual content to communicate your brands message. We are able to elevate your social channels, website content or print collateral to best execute your marketing resources. Our team can create illustrations or graphics, posters, videos or reels and GIFs.


Sending smarter email campaigns to your customers is key in generating engagement, sales and traffic to your website. Our team of experts offer you best practice email marketing solutions for you and your business. We are able to analyse the data from your campaigns to optimise performance and enhance communication.